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  • Stop dreading family time, and find joy in parenting again

    I help adoptive families who are struggling with attachment and child behavior issues reconnect and find harmony without judgment or shame.

    My clients struggle like you do. Despite being open-hearted, well-informed, and engaged parents, life is hard.

    When they first come in, they feel weighed down and helpless to get through the week without another call from school about negative behaviors. They even feel judged or pressured by teachers, friends, and other parents to “fix” their children

    They feel like their whole lives revolve around managing the high intensity needs and routines that keep tantrums at bay. They desperately need alone time, self-care, or date night but there never seems to be enough time.

    They see their children in emotional pain on a daily basis, and all the hugs and unconditional love in the world don’t feel like enough. They feel exhausted and powerless to meet their children’s needs.

    Their adopted children’s past trauma gets in the way of the life they want in so many ways. They aren’t the kind of partner, friend, or colleague they want to be. They feel like they’re failing at parenting. And their confidence in being a connected family is tanking.

    Before they came to see me, they worried that yet another set of exercises or strategies would fail to help their families…again. They worried that looking a stranger in the eye and admitting that sometimes they hated being a parent would be met with judgment or shame. And they were pretty certain talking to a therapist about what had been going on at home would just be a mortifying reminder of how they were failing.

    Like my clients, you deserve to come home, spend time with your children, and actually ENJOY it. Having a genuinely connected and attuned family is not out of your reach. If you want to change the narrative and feel excited for family time again, I’d love to help you get there.

    Call now. You don’t have to struggle. I can help.